New TechnologyThe German Atomic Bomb

By June 1942, the German scientists working on the atomic bomb had solved the problem of making one- in principle, but nothing might be completed within the short time period due to an absence of plutonium. Germany feared that the USA would have one by 1944. If developed, Germany may be able to drop on New York Metropolis from a flying boat, a BV 238. By 1944, the Germans had a really complete nuclear facility at Eulenberg producing heavy water and the development of a strange excessive-power weapon by the SS. One of many companies closely concerned is around right now, Siemens AG and Farben.

After the struggle, in 1946, the USN produced a report by Capt. Hickey concerning the German Atomic Bomb after extensive investigation, it was reviewed and signed off by a leading German scientist. It’s the solely known eyewitness report confirming one of …

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