Use of Knorr Potato Flakes for Mexican Street Side Snacks

For a selection of typical Mexican snacks made from mashed potatoes, Knorr World Cuisine will provide 4 of his favorite menus. Want to try making it? Use Knorr Potato Flakes for a shorter time and more delicious potato flavor.

Tacos de canasta

Meaning “tacos in a basket”, tacos de canasta is made from corn tortillas filled with mashed potatoes and beef. Equipped with tomatillo sauce on it, snacks that are commonly sold using a bicycle around this will make anyone’s tongue more curious.

Torta Ahogada

This original sandwich in the area of ​​Guadalajara, West Mexico has one distinctive serving characteristic: doused in gravy with tomato or chili sauce. Containing mashed potatoes and sausages, Ahogada torta is more complete to eat with the addition of sliced ​​cabbage and cheese on top.


Although very similar to tacos, snacks that are identical to this cheese can be distinguished from the size of the longer tortillas. Its contents are commonly found are mashed potatoes and shredded chicken. Quesadilla is even more delicious when it comes with salsa sauce and sour cream.


As the name implies, these crispy snacks filled with mashed potatoes and beef have a similar appearance to a flute. In addition to plain, flauta can also be served with a mixture of guacamole sauce and sliced ​​lettuce which adds to the deliciousness.

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